Saturday, August 23, 2008

Too Funny!

I found the book Couplehood by Paul Reiser on our bookshelves tonight. (You know Paul Reiser; he is the guy who was Paul on "Mad About You". That is such a great show!) I have read the book before, but boy is that guy funny!

Steve started reading it too and started chuckling, so of course I ask him what part he was reading, and he started reading out loud to me so that we could both laugh.

As he was reading, this was one of the stories:
     "Once in a while, I'll actually read the entire paper, so I'll feel like I'm at one with the global community. I know what's going on, I'm okay. I go to sleep. Next morning, the clock radio goes off, and the first thing I hear is, "Good morning. In Jerusalem last night, a bomb went off . . ." and I think, "I can't close my eyes for a minute!"

     And I don't understand politics. Like when warring nations call a cease fire for the holidays. How do they do that? They agree about nothing, but they can still pull it together to go, "Look, we may have our differences, but nobody wants to work Christmas."
     Why can't they find another reason to hold off one more day?
     "Look, the 25th is Christmas and the 26th, I gotta return gifts. I'll be at the stores, the lines-it'll take forever, so the 26th is no good for us."
     And then, just keep it going. "The 27th . . . um, let's see . . . you know, I'd love to resume the hostilities and slaughter your village, but I just noticed-I have the phone guy coming the 27th."
     And if you keep your schedule busy enough, things get done and you're saving lives right and left."

I'm all for those kind of international relations!

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