Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Introducing the Cast

Would you like to see what I spent my time on today?

This is my daughter Amber's hot pink cast. She broke her ankle last night while playing basketball with her brother. She went up for a shot. . . and twisted her ankle when she landed in a hole dug by our dog. Both she and Josh heard a snap, like a twig breaking.

I called the after hours clinic who recommended that since it was so late that we wait until morning. It was my entire day project. Her doctor, after seeing the x-ray, consulted with another doctor and they decided to just cast it. The other option was to put a pin in it, and they would have if the fracture would have been just an inch or two higher. She is thankful she is just in a cast, but her arms are very tired and sore tonight after being on crutches all day.

We saw one of her friends who exclaimed, "What happened to you??" "I broke my ankle playing basketball." His look was incredulous so I had to add, "If you think she looks bad, you should see the other guy!" He laughed, but wasn't so sure I was kidding.

I was supposed to be canning more apricots last night; 10 pounds await me. I hope that they don't go bad while waiting for me.

I hope that whatever hot pink item you experienced today had nothing to do with broken bones!


  1. At least she has a nice pedicure to go with the cast pictures.

  2. Oh - poor thing! I sure hope she feels better soon!

    I gave you an award! Stop by my blog and pick it up!!

  3. Poor girl! I hope she isn't in too much pain.