Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Farmyard

{all of the following pics enlarge for better views}

Remember those tiny chicks and ducklings? Boy have they grown!

The cornish rock and ducks are already laying eggs. Notice my beautiful rooster. I'm a sucker for a colorfully plumed rooster, especially one as calm and nice as this one. The mean ones won't be shown here because they are in the freezer.

And this is not part of our usual fauna. Emily about had a heart attach when she found this critter sitting on our kitten. Supposedly it is a cerambicid, but I'm not so sure.

Are you feeling little insect legs crawling up your neck or on your legs yet? This creepy crawly is being contained within a quart size mason jar. Yes, he really nearly the diameter of the jar!

Ok, one more pic. This one is from my garden. You'll like this one. Notice the curly tendrils. If I had a closer-up shot, you'd see that the cucumber looks as fuzzy as a caterpillar.

Hopefully I haven't traumatized you too badly with the picture of that beetle bug! Come back tomorrow and I promise I won't post any pictures of ginormous bugs.

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