Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Garden [f Serenity ˜

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To you this may seem like a normal garden, but to me, a mother of six children between the ages of 7 (though seeming younger, since he is mentally and physically handicapped) and 17, this is my sanctuary.

I love to go here, where it is moderately quiet (minus the traffic noises) to ponder. It is also one of my accomplishments that is bearing fruit, which is an emotional pat on the back.

No matter where I go or who I'm talking with, my garden comes up in conversation. Somehow people can relate to the excitement of growing something. It is the beginning and the end: sowing and reaping. It brings me back to what is truly important and back to the beginning of the world, reminding me of what Adam and Eve must have felt like when God gave them dominion over the world and told them to till and care for the garden.

It is earthy and basic, yet many existential thoughts come while I'm visiting there. Maybe that is the reason that God cursed the earth for Adams sake, as it says in the 3rd chapter of Genesis. Perhaps He knows that mankind is happiest when they are working and gaining self-confidence at their self-reliance. Maybe He realizes that weeds are like bad habits and that they are easily rooted out when young, but require hard work when they have been there awhile. And perhaps he realizes that even the thickest headed of us will think on those things as we are weeding our gardens. Maybe He realizes that our souls can easily understand and relate with the dirt, since we are essentially made of the same stuff. Maybe He has realized these things forever, and it is I who am just learning.

It is a humbling thing to realize that I, like my plants, have gotten my start from my roots, have reproduced and born fruit of my loins, and will wither and die someday. My life cycle really isn't unlike that of my garden's.

So my goal is to bloom where I'm planted and make the spot where I am better off than it was before I got here.

Thanks for listening.

Dang chuck hog is following me! Josh must have had his music up too loud again!

Josh! Get your b b gun! He's baack

(P.S. Josh thought a hiding chuck hog would be a great addition to the blog pics. Look for other chuck hog pics yet to come!)

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