Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scottish Festival 2014::July 15

Steve went to the Scottish Festival early in the morning with Matt, Michael, and Emily. Josh & Hayley + 5 went soon after that. When I got there, Michael was ready to leave, so I took him home. Come to find out, Josh, Hayley, the kids, and Matt had already come home to put Ben down for a nap and to feed Mercedes.

After a little while, we all went back. I don't remember what delayed me, but by the time I got there, Josh & Hayley were ready to leave because Aiden had had it. I took Aiden with me, and we went and sat in the shade and listened to the music and watched the dancers.

Then Amber showed up, and Aiden wanted to hang out with her instead:

They went off and found Josh and Hayley and hung out for a little while, and then the kids were completely, 100% finished with the festival and wanted to go home.

I went to hug Hayley and Josh and the kiddos bye and had Steve hold my camera, so there is a picture of me to put up here too. ;)

After everyone else left, Steve and Michael and I sat and listened to the music and watched the dancing. Again. In the shade. Because I think we're getting old. ;)

Nothing can stop Michael from making new friends though, so of course, he did.

Oh yeah, Emily had stayed at the festival. I forgot, because we didn't see her much during the day, since she was hanging out with friends.

Then it was done and the shops started packing up and heading home, so we did too.

Another of our summertime traditions & activities has been checked off of the to-do list ~ the list is getting mighty short from here, and unfortunately, so is summertime.

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