Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lavender Days on June 28::July 8

This is the first time in a year that I am posting pics w/o post-editing software touch-ups. These are straight out of the camera, which gives me the same feeling as going out in public with no make up on LOL :)

This is Lavender Days at Young Living Farm. It is my favorite event of the year!

So, the first thing that we did when we got there was take a ride on the horse-drawn wagon, and I took pics as we went around the farm:

Medieval human-powered children's ride:

Teepees and some representatives of a local Indian Tribe (I don't remember which tribe though :/)

The camel:


A view of one of my favorite mountain ranges:

Picking lavender:

Medieval style buildings:

The blacksmith shop:

The waterwheel:

Another medieval human-powered children's ride:

The stagecoach:

Old Western Town:


The human hamster balls:

These horses are massive! Seriously, dinner plate size hooves. Big and glossy black, beautiful horses!

I was sad that the wagon ride didn't include the herb field this year - I asked the driver and he said that the route had changed. Later on, I saw him in his wagon, waiting for people to ride, and he saw me walking by. I saw him turn and talk to his riding partner, and then called me over and asked if I still wanted to take that ride in the herb field. I did! So away we (both drivers, Matt, & I) went.

Chamomile, Sage, Melissa (Mint), Lavender, and many other herbs are in this field. When the chamomile is blooming, it smells like honey in these fields.

As we were driving, I noticed that a butterfly had landed on his back. I thought I remembered something about it being lucky for a butterfly to land on you, and I smiled, hoping that luck would follow this man who was kind enough to take me on my favorite loop of the farm :)

They dropped Matt and me off at the jousting tournament, and we went inside to find Steve and Michael. This is what we saw:

About 10 minutes before the festivities were over, we left. Good-bye old friend! See you next year.

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