Monday, July 14, 2014

Deer Pics::Cartoonized and Realistic::July 14

I took this pic on the drive up the canyon yesterday. Sadly, it turned out super dark. As I lightened it, it changed the colors a bit more than I wanted, so I thought if I cartoonized it, it would look better & the colors wouldn't detract from the pic ~ I think it does :) Cute little Bambi.

And with this one, I thought I was going to get a good shot, and then she ran away. I followed her for a bit, and got her to turn around and look at me and I hurried and snapped a pic :)

As we were coming back down the canyon, I saw a view that I don't normally see ~ perhaps because the light was shining just right or something, but look at how incredible this is:

Those big pine trees growing where it seems impossible to grow is amazing! God is the ultimate artist!

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