Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Checking up on the garden::July 16

I need to start being more aware of the garden and take pics in the morning or evening instead of when the shadows are short and the sun is high. Oh well, at least I'm journaling the garden this year which is better than most years. :) These pics are from the 11th:

The first couple are big pics of the garden, and the rest are of the individual squares:

It is interesting to note that when I planted these two squash plants, the one on the right (the smaller one) was the larger of the two. In fact, the one on the left looked pretty sad and pathetic; I wasn't sure it would survive. The big one, (the one on the left) is a zucchini plant from VG nursery; the one on the right is a yellow squash from OG nursery. I have already gotten 2 big zucchinis so far! :)

Cherry tomatoes - I'm not growing beef steak tomatoes this year; for some reason, my soil doesn't product big tomatoes.

This square has rhubarb and onion/garlic hybrids. I didn't plan for the onions to be that way; they must have cross pollinated with the garlic somehow. The bulbs are small, like green onions, but instead of an onion taste, they taste more like garlic. Kinda weird!

My herb garden :) So far, I've harvested the oregano; if I took a pic now, you'd actually be able to see the flowering lavender that grows right behind the oregano :) I need to harvest the sage too, but I love sage flowers. There is also parsley growing in there - I eat a little everytime I work in the garden.

Green peppers in front, spaghetti squash in back. The green peppers have tiny buds on them - hopefully the start of many peppers!

Two more cherry tomato plants in front of more spaghetti squash plants.

This view looks on a lavender plant, 2 sage plants, 2 rose bushes, Asiatic lilies, and the overgrown irises I need to separate.

A better pic of the lilies and the miniature rose bush my friend Sherry gave to me for Mother's Day (you can see one tiny pink bloom):

And this is from the other direction: the overgrown irises and a miniature rose bush - the rose bush loves my garden and is thriving so well! Well, so are the irises :) I just have some work to do for them.

I'm so excited that everything is growing!

If you are so inclined, paste a link to pics of your garden. I'd love to see how yours is coming along too! :)

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