Sunday, July 20, 2014

Michael's Birthday::13!!::July 20

These pics seem to sum Michael up pretty well :) He loves the *idea* of his birthday. He loves the treats, cake, ice cream, and presents. On most days, he even loves attention! But on his birthday, it all seems to bug him a bit.

We already realize that he's not going to blow out his candles. Ever. So we blow them out for him in unison.

He loves his presents, but he's going to look every other direction too.

And as for the attention: by the end of the day he is just bugged and wants to be left alone. Pretty interesting attitude from a boy who has to get everyone's nose that we come in contact with and is known by name at Walmart by strangers to me (and the kid is with me every waking hour of his life!) Hahaha! Funny, funny boy!

Happy Birthday, Michael. You are very loved and valued in our little part of the world, especially by me! ♥

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