Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ram Dass Quote::Our Independence Day::July 5

I got this pic from Zen to Zany on facebook. What a great reminder!!

Truth can be found everywhere and from everyone - no one has a monopoly on it. Ram Dass worships Krishna and is a well known singer in the Hindu culture. My son, Jared, has quoted him in his Christian Sunday School class. :)

I hope that you can enjoy your day, full of love for all people who are as diverse as the trees in the forest. ♥

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On another note: as you know, yesterday was Independence Day for us here in the US. Steve, Matt, Michael, Emily and I went to Steve's (paternal side of the family) family reunion. It was great for me to visit with his cousin Tiffany, and Emily loved getting to know her cousin, Tiffany's daughter, Celeste. I loved being with cousins as a kid and love that we can pass that on to our children.

We had a bar-b-que and pot luck, visited, and then later watched the fireworks from the deck of the house. We were very spoiled! I think we had the best view of the fireworks in the area! Steve's cousin, Edith, purchased and built a house where the grandparents' old house used to be. The old house had many problems and was eventually condemned as hazardous. Edith's new home is beautiful and the view amazing! I'm so glad that the land got to stay in the family.

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