Thursday, August 29, 2013

35/52::Michael's Surgery Day::August 29

35/52 ~ Michael has oral aversion, and it creates some tricky challenges for every day life. One of those challenges is dental work. Mike has to be put under general anesthesia, like in full fledged surgeries, when he has dental work done. On Tuesday, he had a deep cleaning, sealants put on some molars, and a baby tooth "wiggled" out to make room for a rogue tooth that is floating toward his sinuses - hopefully the hole where the baby tooth was will lure it back where it should be.

He always has a nice time meeting new people, and surgery day was no exception. He "stole" everyone's noses (the old "got your nose" trick :) ) and hugged at least half of everyone we met. He only seemed nervous for a minute when he discovered that Steve & I couldn't go back with him, but then he regained his composure when I told him to have fun with Grandma Joyce (the anesthesiologist) and Steven (his surgery nurse). He smiled and said okay. Within 10 minutes, a nurse came and told us that he was already "asleep" and surgery was starting.

Everything went well, and since we're on the 3rd day out from surgery, he can eat normally today. I'm so thankful for his dentist and all of the wonderful people who work with him in his office and at the surgery center. Hopefully he'll start letting the dentist work on him in the office so that this is his first and last surgery for dental work (and that he can keep up his record of no cavities ever!)

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