Sunday, September 1, 2013

Macro::Spider eating a fly::September 1

Emily and Matt saw this spider on the outside of our front window several months ago. My rule is: if it lives outside, doesn't eat my crops, and doesn't pose a threat to my family, I'm fine with it, so we left it there. A few days ago, they saw her wrapping up a great, big bug and told me to hurry up and get out my camera. Do they know me, or what?

If you look closely at this pic, you will be able to see the spider's spinnerete with some silk still coming out.

And this little guy is actually my neighbor's, though I don't think she'd say she owned it. Her kids say that they should keep it as a pet. She says no. :)

Spiders definitely don't induce warm fuzzy feelings, do they? Even though they are fuzzy with fur.... All those legs and eyes overrule any lit bit of warm fuzziness. :)

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