Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michael's Dental Surgery::August 27

Today was the big day!

Michael and Daddy in the waiting room

Michael has oral aversion and can only stand xrays and the exam at the dentist office, though this time he did sit still enough for the dentist to scale the outside of 1 tooth in the office and allowed the dental hygenist to brush a few of his teeth before he refused the rest.

Since he doesn't feel comfortable having all of the dental work done while he's awake, he has to have surgery using general anesthesia for him to get a good, deep cleaning and any other work done. Lucky for Mikey, when the dentist looked at the xrays, there were no cavities, so today at a surgical center, the dentist cleaned Mikey's teeth really well, "wiggled out" a baby tooth - the adult tooth is angled at the wrong direction to come in w/o help - and used sealants on 3 of his back teeth.

Michael waiting to go back to surgery

Michael enjoyed meeting new friends today. He was only worried for a minute when they put him in the wheelchair to take him back and he realized that Steve and I weren't going with him. He still did pretty well, and I told him to have a nice time with Grandma Joyce (the anesthesiologist) and Steven (his surgery nurse). He smiled and said okay. Before 10 minutes passed, a nurse came and told us that he was already "asleep" and surgery was starting.

Michael and his nurse waiting for Daddy to bring the car to the door

When he came back to us from recovery, he was still sleepy and complained of his throat hurting. He was still sleepy when we left the surgery center, but he did fine on the car ride home. Within an hour or two of being home, he said he was hungry and wanted to eat. I think the hardest part might be keeping him from eating regular food for the first 3 days, since he's only supposed to have soft foods. He already ate a few peanut M & M's before I caught him, and he has been asking for popcorn ever since we've been home. It might be a long 3 days..... ;)

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