Sunday, August 25, 2013

A day in the BIG city::August 25

Steve and I went to my photo club's meeting on Thursday, and since we had about an hour before the meeting started, we took a walk around the city library.

Nearby the library is a museum. We didn't have enough time to visit anything but the main lobby, but here is what we saw:

Then we wandered in and around the library. The inner walls are glass, the roof is glass - it is so incredibly awesome!

After walking around the library up above the roof, we got to a lookout point with these words:

Then, when you turn around and go back down the stairs, here are these words:

This is a spot where you can look down through the spiral staircase and see all the way to the ground floor from the tip topiest place:

And these pics were taken at the tip topiest lookout spot. Very cool cityscapes in every direction!

We told Amber and Tino about it, and we got a call first thing yesterday morning asking if we wanted to go back up with them. We couldn't, but have scheduled a double date with them to go up soon. Hopefully we'll go to the museum this time and I'll have lots more pictures for you :)

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