Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Under This Old Hat::July 17

I'm supposed to be blogging about the Scottish Festival today, but as I was going through the pictures, I got sidetracked by a hat.

You've seen it before:

He has worn it everyday for a couple of years now. It was I who found it in Walmart and told him he should try it on and later told him to buy it - he didn't want to spend the money, but he didn't have a hat he loved, and Steve likes to have a hat.

At the Scottish Festival on Saturday, other people liked wearing Steve's hat too:

And even with other people trying it on, he still managed to have it on most of the time :)

As I was getting the pics ready for this blog post, I remembered a Chris LeDoux song about an old hat, so I'll leave you with that today :)

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