Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lavender Days 2013::July 16

On Saturday, we went to Lavender Days. I love that place!

There are pony rides for The Littles:

And human hamster balls in a kiddie pool, jousting, rock wall climbing, horse drawn wagon rides around the entire farm, exotic animals, fields full of herbs....

... and medieval, human powered rides, which is why my time at Lavender Days was cut short....

It seemed scripted, the way it happened: Karen and I had taken Bentley and Aiden over to the medieval ride: a kind of a barrel, suspended in the air with chains that when you crank the handle, the group of barrels turn in a circle. (think merry go round with barrels) Anyway, we had just gotten to the ride and I told Aiden to get inside the barrel. I laid my hand on the barrel just as Karen said, "There sure are a lot of bees!" Ouch! Right on a wasp! I wish I would have been paying closer attention, because from there I had to go to the ER, since I'm allergic to bee stings. :( The only other thing I did while I was there was ride the wagon ride, which I'm so glad Steve insisted we do first, since I love it so much.

We left all of the kids but Michael at Lavender Farms to have fun, while Steve and I went to the hospital. Michael stayed home with Emily. (Thanks, Em!)

All turned out fine, but it was tricky for a minute or two.

We also went to the Scottish Festival later on in the day, but that is tomorrow's story :)

Have a wonderful day!

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