Sunday, July 21, 2013

29/52::Happy Birthday, Dear Michael!::July 21

On Friday, Amber and Josh came to visit, so we had an impromtu birthday party for Michael:

He never did blow out his candle - I don't think he has for the past few years. Amber blew it out, and eventually he ate his birthday cupcake. He was funny with phone calls during the day too; he got a few birthday phone calls where he got sung to, but he would slip away afterwards to regroup. Since today was church, I told him to hurry and get ready so that he could go to primary and have them sing to him and give him a gift.... he never would get dressed to go. Funny kid! He loves attention, but only on his own terms.

Most of his birthday pics are of him looking a bit nervous, and he rarely looked at the camera. Funny kid :) I'm glad that he let himself have fun every once in a while throughout the day.

His birthday presents, that he picked out, were a hula hoop and a kids' cowboy hat - very "Michael"-ish, I'd say. :)

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