Tuesday, July 2, 2013

three/52::52 Photo Project - Halfway!::July 2

26/52 - Michael loves to swing on his swing. Tonight, I happened to catch him in action :)

9/52 - Playing with his helicopter - the blades on top remind him of a fan, and we all know how much he loves fans! :)

7/52 - This boy insists on having a hula hoop in the house at all times. If it gets broken, it must be replaced immediately. And this is one of his favorite tricks; he loves spinning the hula hoop on his finger. Hangers will do in a pinch, but they're not nearly as favored as the hula hoop :)

I am following Jody's lead in reviewing the last 6 month's worth of pictures by spotlighting 3 of my favorite pictures of Michael. These are three of Michael's favorite loves :)


  1. Great captures ... he looks so happy doing the things he loves :0)

  2. I love the hula hoop!
    Wonderful photos!