Monday, July 22, 2013

Around the lake::The Dragonfly::July 22

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for this shot:

As I was photographing some cows, this dragonfly flew by and landed on a barbed wire fence. I've been wanting to take a pic of a dragonfly for a week! So, I left the cattle for the bug. I started snapping shots from a ways away, and then walked a little closer, each time taking another shot. When he felt I got too close, he'd fly to the next section of fencing. This went on for a while, but at one point he decided to trust me and didn't fly away. He just sat there and cocked his head to look at other things, then back to me. This went on for several minutes. I thanked him for his trust and for the photo shoot when I left him. What a great experience! It was truly magical :)

And this next pic was a shot I had gotten a few minutes before. The young colt was nervous of me, but stuck next to its mommy. Mommy didn't mind at all that I was taking pictures of her and her baby and just grazed the whole time.

I hope that you have a magical day today :)

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