Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thankful::Sept 19

There was a time when I used this blog as a type of journal. Not a diary, where I told all of my deep, dark secrets, but kind of a travelogue for the family to see.

Then, as pieces of my sky started falling, I clammed up and just showed pretty pictures.

Not sayin' nothin' at all if you don't have nothin' nice to say is good advice, but there is always *something* nice to say, isn't there?! So that is where I'm going next; I am going to have a thankful thing to say every single day.

1) I am very thankful that everything worked out with Michael's g-tube. He pulled it out and it was out for a few hours; it didn't go back in as easily as it should have and I panicked, but Steve kept his cool and got it back in where it needed to be. I took Michael to the doc the next day and the doc pronounced everything fine. So thankful!

2) Things seem to be going well with my kids for a minute. I'll take it!

3) Steve & I are in a really great place in our marriage, and as everyone whose been married knows, and even those who haven't but pay attention to real life, couples have ups and downs. We are not immune. So glad to be where we are right this minute. I appreciate him very much!

4) I always thought menopause would be a great thing. So, since I am perimenopausal, I should be thankful right?! And, those hot flashes have helped keep me warm on chilly days lately. ;)

5) The pitbull that visited us for a few hours on Saturday found his way home. At least that is what I like to think. Animals, especially strays, can really tug at my heartstrings. He was such a nice boy, I hope that he is safely at home right now.

6) That Bill is doing well. He had his moment a few weeks ago, but his medicine seemed to keep the confusion from liver failure at bay. The docs can re-evaluate for a liver transplant in 21 months.

7) Steve & I have been able to take walks a few times a week. My foot pain kept us from that for a while, but all is well for now.

8) I have taken pics 5 times this year for people other than my kids. Twice for my kids' dance group (Christmas and Spring Concert) and 3 friends/family. AND I have two more friends who are interested in having me take their Senior's pic. Very exciting!

9) I am thankful to reconnect with friends and family on facebook & in real life. It is nice to catch up and keep in touch.

10) I am thankful for a nice, warm house. I'm thankful that it is cute and that it has enough land with it to have a small, backyard farm. It all needs work, but I think that is an ongoing process.

I hope that you have a wonderful day! I'm very grateful and thankful for you who read my blog and comment. It has kept me going in the past and is something that I need. :)


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