Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Camping::September 4

It is a tradition for our family to go camping on Labor Day. I started it several years ago and told the kids to always plan for it even when they were older and moved away. It is our family reunion of sorts.

This year, everyone but Josh made it, and even Josh was with us for a little while on Saturday.

On Sunday, we all took a drive to Devil's Kitchen, which is something that I like to do and the family humors me by going along. Every year when we are there, I have a pic of us taken. This year was no different; there was a couple there, and I asked the lady to take a pic for us, so this year even I'm in the picture! :)

The trip was cold and rainy and there were lots and lots of caterpillars everywhere. Karen, Emily, Michael, Aiden, and I were at home about as much as we camped, I think. We went back and forth between camp and home, drying off and warming up. Sunday warmed up and stopped raining... mostly. We hiked to a cave, went for a walk to see a beautiful vista, sat and ate and visited and played, and then went to Devil's Kitchen.

I'm finding that the older I get, the more I want comfort. I'm seriously thinking that we need a travel trailer! The old grey mare just ain't what she used to be!

We chose Labor Day for our reunion to celebrate Steve's and my first meeting on September 9, 1995. We will have been together for 17 years in just 6 days. We had a whirlwind meeting/courtship/marriage. Met on Sept 9th. 1st date on Sept 16th. Engaged Oct. 20th. Married Nov. 22nd. Crazy!! We both knew that the Lord had brought us together and felt certain that we were supposed to stay together. How could we argue w/ God?? So, here we are 17 years later. Our house is getting emptier bit by bit. Remember, I had 3 kids from a previous marriage, so those kids, except Jared, are all grown up, married, and moved out. Soon, we'll be back down to just 3 kids at home, just like when we were first married. ;)

Today is a doctor day for Bill. It is time to visit the liver doc and see what he has to say.

I hope that you have a wonderful day today!

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  1. Fun camping trip! I agree with you about wanting more comfort