Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reminding myself to be thankful... ::Sept 22

Today I ran everywhere.

It started by going acorn hunting. I found out that today is officially autumn, so Steve & I drove to the foothills where we take our evening walk and took pictures of acorns. I love acorns and feel that they are the epitome of harvest season, not for me, but for the squirrels. I also think they're cute :)

Then Emily & I went the mall to shop for Emily's 16th Birthday Present. She knows what she is getting & was there to try everything on, but she can't wear any of it 'til Tuesday. She thinks it's a bummer, but she is very excited :)

Amber went with us, and after finishing our shopping we stopped and got a footlong sandwich from Subway & split it in thirds. We also got pretzel bites. I already knew that I am a fan; today, I found that we all LOVE pretzel bites, and we bought a second bucketful. :)

Then we went to buy Amber some jeans. Two stores later, she had her jeans.

Then, I bought everyone shakes at a little local diner...because I hadn't consumed enough calories, I guess. :/

Then, we drove up the canyon to see how the fall color change is coming along. It is coming along very nicely, I'd say. Lots of yellows, some oranges and a few reds. I found the perfect spot for taking pictures, which is good, because I've got a senior pic shoot coming up :)

Got home and had to clean out the van, vacuum it, and wash it. It hasn't been done since we went camping, so it really needed to be done! It will haul many teenagers come Tuesday evening when we celebrate Emily's birthday. I'm glad that it is done, but it was a major pain!

And now I'm home. And Josh and Karen just came to pick up Aiden. And it is almost bedtime. It has been a good and productive day, and I am totally ready to relax for a while!

Take care of yourself and have a great weekend!

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