Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Announcement and an Anniversary::September 9

This makes my 957th post on this blog. Very cool! So, probably before next year at this time, I will be writing my 1000th post. Amazing! I'll have to have a give-away when that post comes up. What to give away?.....

Anyway, aside from that, I have some more excellent news: I am going to have another grandchild! Karen is pregnant with #2 and is due March 29. I am so excited!! I really hope it is a girl... but I will be happy with a little boy too. I just hope that whatever it is it is a happy and healthy little baby.

Let's review for a moment: Aiden was born in December of 2009. This baby is going to be born close to March 29th 2013. Aiden will be 3 years and 3 months old when the baby is born.

Josh was born in December of 90, and Jared was born March of 94 (the new baby is actually due the day before Jared's birthday). Aiden and the new baby will have almost the exact age difference as Josh and Jared. It tripped me out when I heard that at the doctor's office. Crazy!! I hope that Aiden and the new baby will be as great of friends as their dad and uncle are.

Oh my heck!! I have to start working on a quilt for the new baby. I totally spaced that until just this second! Hey April, want to go fabric shopping w/ me soon? Maybe I have a little time, because I would like to know if it is a girl or boy first.... but then on the other hand, I've had babies that the docs thought were one sex on the ultrasound and then the baby came out it and was really the other sex.... Maybe I'll make the quilt more generic... but then, I just remembered that I have material for a baby girl quilt because I had convinced myself Aiden was really a girl.... Hmmmm.... I'll have to ponder this. (And, you just got to see firsthand how my brain thinks. It is a crazy place in there! ;)

Anyhow, I really needed this baby at this moment. It will keep me looking to the future in excitement.

And one more thing.... Today marks the 17th anniversary of when Steve & I first met. Wow there is a lot of water under that bridge! I'm very glad to be with him... even though at times I think he should take the teenagers far away and live in a separate house with them until they move out. Then he can move back in with me and we'll live happily ever after. I told Jared of that plan when the crap hit the fan earlier this week. His reply was, "But do you think he'll wait for you? I mean w/o finding someone else?" Huh. I hadn't ever stopped and considered that before. I guess I'm too egotistical to think that he'd ever want to leave me for good. Maybe I'll have to endure the teenagers after all.

Seriously though, I cannot imagine life w/o him. We have our differences, but it is like Yin and Yang. I might get frustrated at him for not being like me, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way, but I'm wondering if those differences lend themselves to a good balance in our relationship.

This past year has been a tricky one. It hasn't been what I thought riding off in the sunset with my Prince Charming would be. A lot of crap has been thrown in our path that we didn't choose, which is what life with other people in it is just naturally like. The children have always added a twist that keeps us on our toes; teenagers bowl us over quite regularly. Through it, occasionally I'm ready to become a Buddhist Monk (I'd rather be a monk than a nun....I think they might let me be a monk if I begged enough....). Far away. Like in Tibet. Or maybe just be a cowboy like Toby Keith sings about.

It's just when I planned out family life, I didn't consider all of the rough terrain that comes with it. I just thought of cute babies that are warm and pink and smell good and that you can snuggle with. But the babies grow up. And have their own minds. And make choices that make me crazy. And I want to run away from home, but certainly NOT with the kids.

Long ago, Steve and I made a pact that if ever one of us wanted to run away from home we had to take the kids with us. It certainly keeps me from running away, because 99% of the time, it is the kids, *not* Steve, that I would be running from.

Heaven help us through the next few years until they are all grown up.

And yet, I encourage my children to have their own little bundles of joy.... maybe misery loves company? ;)

In any case, I certainly am glad that I met him. I'm glad that he cut his hair that morning and that we both went dancing that Saturday night back in 1994. He is just what I needed. And what I still need. This song is the themesong for that night:

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