Thursday, September 27, 2012

Emily is 16! :: Sept 27

I can't believe how fast kids grow up!

When she was little, you could always find her in her dress walking around with an umbrella. It always reminded me of a Victorian lady in her dress and parasol. :)

When she was about 3, we had a litter of puppies that would follow her around. Sometimes they would tug on her clothes. She would scold them and shoo them away.

As a little girl, she loved to play with dolls. She loved being the mommy. I always pictured her with a houseful of little children.

She has always been a drama queen. :) When she was little and my mom would send care packages to the kids with treats and toys in it, I would always put Emily on the phone because her excitement would let my mom know how much the stuff was enjoyed. She has always felt everything to the max, happy or sad.

Once time, at church, I had to take her out because she was being noisy. As we exited, she shouted out "Save me!"

Another time in church, as she was inching away from us, I stood up to pick her up and take her out. She saw me coming and bolted toward the front. She ran toward the Bishop and hugged his legs. He scooped her up. She smiled at me. Saved by the Bishop!

Everyone loved Emily. She had red hair with a few curls, chubby cheeks, porcelain skin, and blue eyes. She has always been beautiful.

She always has loved her grandmas. She loves to be spoiled. She loves to be played with. She has always made lots of friends wherever we went. She has always been loved by everyone.

I hope that you have a wonderful birthday today Em! We all love you very much!

With love,

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