Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snickerdoodles and Milk::February 7

Matt (my 12 year old son) made the cookies last night and saved me a few. This morning, as I was driving home from taking them to school, I decided to have one. I had totally expected them to be yummy, but I was surprised at how pretty they were... so of course, since I'm working on photographing food right now, they became my subject of the day :)

When I showed Steve the pic, he wondered about the strong red background when the the china cup and saucer were so delicate. I directed him to the following link: Feng Shui for Restaurants

Color: Four basic colors are associated with food and restaurant d¨¦cor: white, yellow, red and green. White is the most balanced color, representing balanced emotions and associated with cleanliness. The basic color for the restaurant should be white, cream or beige. Yellow is associated with appetite; in Five Element theory, it is the color of the Earth element, associated with the stomach. The color red brings excitement; red is associated with the Fire element, and associated with the heart¡¯s desire. This is why people like deep fried foods and roasted meats. It is not surprising that successful fast food restaurants, such as MacDonald¡¯s and Burger King, have a logo that uses red and yellow. (Another similar chain only uses red in the logo, and their business does not seem to be as good.) Green is associated with nature and freshness. As people become more and more conscious of healthy diets, green is coming more into the picture. Taco Del Mar uses a good color scheme of yellow, brown and red in its d¨¦cor. Avoid the color blue; blue is the color of the Wood element, which suppresses the Earth element (appetite). In Northwest of United States, Ivar¡¯s Chowder House has wonderful clam chowder, but uses blue as its logo and theme color, mistakenly using its association with seafood and the ocean.

So, I hope that the red background wasn't too much. Feel free to leave your opinion, too.

Compositionwise, the rule of thirds is being applied, and I turned the plate of cookies around and around and looked from all angles, including rearranging the cookies several times to get it looking just so.

This was the original straight out of the camera shot:

From here, I cropped it to be perfect on the rule of thirds and then I added a little more saturation to give it a little boost.

And here is the finished pic again:

Now I'm hungry for cookies and milk..... ;)

Have a great day!

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