Monday, February 13, 2012

I Already Know I Love You::February 13

(no, Peter Cottontail's mom doesn't play a part in this story; I just needed a way to keep the book open :)

I picked this book up at the bookstore a few years ago when it was in the bargain bin. I love it!

It is written from the perspective of the potential grandpa, but I totally understood what he was saying.

There is just something about your children having children. It isn't really your child, it is your child's child, but there is a connection there that makes it yours too.

I bought the book even before I knew I was going to be a grandma. I have looked forward to being a grandma since I birthed my own children; the cycle of life is an amazing, exciting ride.

I get to babysit Aiden a lot, and because of that, he knows me well and loves me, just like I know him and love him. Dearly, I'd say.

He still won't call me grandma. We've tried. It used to be he'd call me mom. Then it was mama. Then last week it was pan; I was told that pan was short for panda, a toy that he loves and drags around with him. Okay, I thought, I can be pan. But this week, he has forgotten all about the pan business and doesn't call me anything.

I've been told that he gets confused when Karen and Josh tell him that they are going to go see grandma, and then he winds up at some other grandma's house. So, I've decided to be Grandma Mema. That way, if he wants to call me grandma, that is great! If he wants to differentiate between grandmas, then he can call me mema. Or he can say the whole thing out: Grandma Mema. I'm fine with any of it.

This weekend it snowed while he was here. We looked out the window together and I asked, "Where is the snow?" And then while he showed me, I snapped a picture. Well, I overexposed the window area, so you can't see that he is pointing at the snow; it just looks like he is pointing at the hearts on the window, which is fine and cute too. Take a look at how cute and adorable my little man is:

I also tried it in black and white for a more timeless effect:

Any way that I look at that little guy he is adorable!

I'm so glad that I am his Grandma Mema Pan :)

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