Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something Old, Something New

My sister, some of our children, and I were cleaning out my mom's storage unit when I came across some blouses that she had loved and worn on special occasions when I was a young girl. I remember her standing and ironing them... and I think even scorching one as she was given some unexpected news from a brother once... It is funny how a "thing" can bring back so many memories.

Anyway, I wanted to keep them, but not just put them away in a drawer somewhere to take out and remember her, then I remembered wallhangings that SouleMama & my friend April have made, and after calling April and asking her how she made hers, I made these:

And hung them up in the bathroom as a group:

I want to make a few smaller ones with the smaller designs on the shirts and fill in the big spaces with them.

It is a nice way to remember my mom :)

They are super easy to make, and though I don't have pics for a tutorial, I'll just verbally tell you what I did.

1) get an embroidery hoop. You can find them at craft stores.
2) put the material in the hoop (You loosen and tighten the hoop with the little screw thingy on it. I like to make that part the top of the decoration.)
3) tighten the screw so that the frame is tight against your material.
4) gently pull the material taut.
5) cut the material around the hoop, leaving about 1/4 inch extra all the way around.
6) using a hot glue gun, tack the material down on the inside of the hoop.
7) Voila! Finis!

You can hang them on straight pins nailed into the wall since they are so light. Enjoy!

Have a super terrific day!