Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Amber & Bill!! And a pic of Matt :)

Yesterday we celebrated Bill's (my oldest brother - he lives with us :) birthday. Since we never officially celebrated Amber's birthday, Bill thought it would be a good idea to combine the two. (And he isn't much for attention, so I think he liked the diversion, too ;)

I think their pictures are cute :) Since the pics were taken after dark, and the only light was the house lights (and the cake's candles. I love the soft glow it leaves on their faces :), the ISO had to be turned way up to 800 and the aperature was on about 4.5, if I remember right. The shutter speed was super slow, so it caused blurring if anything moved. How I love the pic of Bill looking at Amber! The blurring behind him and even Amber's own fuzziness makes it look like time stood still for Bill at that one moment, and even though the rest of us kept going, he was super focused on the moment. (you can see it better by clicking on the pic and enlarging it)

It is funny how different shots evoke different feelings and different stories. :)

This next pic was taken this morning of Matt:

He had come up to me to talk about something, and the lighting was amazing. It was another of those "hold still & let me grab my camera" moments. It makes me happy.:) (Thanks for letting me take a pic, Matt, even though you didn't really want me to -Doesn't he have GREAT eyes??)

Such a great family I have! I'm so thankful that the share their lives with me :)

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