Monday, November 28, 2011

More with the Macro Lens::Portraits

I made a new blog header. I was going for "fun"; I created "busy", instead. Life, and especially Christmas, can be so like that, don't you think?! I might try for "simple", later. :)

Like I mentioned yesterday, Steve's friend Russ let me borrow his macro lens. I had heard that you can use a macro lens as a portrait lens too, so yesterday I tried that out:

I think it does a nice job! I like how the person's face stays in focus, but the stuff behind magically melts into a backdrop. I plan on playing with it some more today :)

How about you? Have you got anything fun planned for the day?

I hope that you have a terrific Monday, and really, do something nice for yourself! After such a long weekend, (for my American friends, anyway) getting back into routine might just be painful. Have some way to reward yourself :)

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