Thursday, December 3, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.... 12/3

This is my favorite tradition:

I love hanging up the kids' first Christmas stockings and Steve's and my stockings that came from our original homes. These aren't the ones Santa fills, those will be put out on Christmas Eve; these are the ones that just make me warm fuzzy from remembering Christmases past.

And this statue of the Holy Family is my absolute favorite. Mary cradling and nurturing baby Jesus, while Joseph protects them both from the cold and dark. Each helping the members of their family unit feel as comfortable and loved as possible. Perfect.

How about you? What traditions or decorations are your favorites at your home?


  1. I like the tradition of putting up the tree - or rather keeping the kids away so it doesn't get wrecked until it is up . . .

  2. My favorite tradition is putting up the tree and looking at the ornaments that stir up so many memories. Many were made by my mother and they bring me back to my childhood. I love pointing them out to my own children. I'm starting a new traditon with my family with the lighting of the advent candles.

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