Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It dumped on us over the past few days! Last measurement was 15 1/2 inches of snow! Look at this:

I finally called the city buildings yesterday about the roads since they hadn't plowed in front of our house since the storm came through. There was 15 inches of snow on the road, too!

See the roof over the rabbit hutches? That is how deep the snow really is!

The snow is leaning precariously on the posts; look at the end one with the leaning tower of snow!

I'm so glad that I'm warm and dry inside! Outside is bitterly cold. I hope you stay warm today, too!


  1. LOL, looks like my back yard, too! :)

  2. Oh Melody. That is a pile of snow. I hope they plowed your street already.


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  4. MAN!!! that looks exactly like my backyard!! LOL

  5. It's been bitter cold!!!
    And then tonight it was raining, a couple of hours ago. :)
    More coming!