Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice!

(Pics that Steve took last year)

So exciting! The days will be getting longer from here on. Soooo nice!

I don't formally celebrate Winter Solstice because I'm always still running around until the very last minute trying to get ready for Christmas, (I could probably use an excuse to slow down and feel gratitude though. I'm going to rethink my priorities today!:), but Stephanie at Ordinary Life Magic does. So if you need a suggestion or two of how to celebrate, slow down, and enjoy the moment, she has some great ideas!

Have a wonderful, little longer, little sunnier day! <3


  1. Happy solstice. And beautiful pictures. We are doing a low key celebration tonight.

  2. the pics look like this years. happy solstice!

  3. Well thanks! :)

    I just realized that we have about seven cookies and candies to make today!! :) Better get on that!
    Happy Christmas Eve Eve to you.

  4. Amazing photos Melody! It makes me a little homesick (sigh) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

    Tarrah M.