Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting back to normal

Life is returning back to normal every day life. Though I love Christmastime, I think I love the mundane even more. (Every year come mid-January, though, I wish for a second Christmas. It seems that is when I'm really ready for it! :)

Emily and Matt have loved creating with the play doh the family got for Christmas.


Tropical Island Paradises (the details are great! - notice the little boat sailing toward a cave)

Ice Cream Cones

A Trip to the Beach

Can you believe that 2010 is just 4 days away?! I'm kind of glad. It'll be a time to clear the slate, make resolutions, and make a better life. I like to believe that I create my reality, though it is an uncomfortable thought when things are going wrong. Even then, though, I have the choice to look for the silver lining and, like Pollyanna, play the "glad game" (because, like I often remind myself during those times, things really *could* be worse).

I'm starting to ponder my 2010 resolutions already. It will be interesting to look back at 2009's and evaluate how those went. I have a feeling that a few will be repeats.

I created a tradition a few years ago where Steve & I go out to lunch armed with paper and pens and start writing down goals for the new year. I have every intention of keeping that tradition going this year! I love the relaxed feeling of being out with the one I love, who is my best friend in the whole world, reviewing the past year and looking to the future, all the while smelling the smells and tasting the tastes of good food, feeling the warmth of the plates and cups, seeing the beauty of a nice setting, and only hearing the occasional clink of dishes or quiet conversations going on around me. Perfection.

But today will be filled with a doctor's appointment for Amber to see if she has pink eye, treats being made, more organization in progress, pondering what pattern to use for AJ's quilt, and the regular tidying and meal-making that only those who have had a house full of children & young adults will understand. You know, just the wonderfully mundane things of running a household. :)

I wish for you all the best today!


  1. My goodness, your children are beautiful!!!

    I, too, am looking forward to the New Year and the mundane. Even if our mundane is crazy. LOL!

  2. It's hard to believe 2009 is already behind us (well in 2 days)

    Love all the clay creations!

  3. The sculptures are wonderful!!

    Instead of resolutions, I pick a word that best suits what I most want to Create for my self or in my world. Haven't decided what, yet....
    But the thinking upon it is one of the best parts!! :)