Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you

I'm feeling quite a bit better. Thanks for your sweet comments, emails, and phone calls. :-)

I have to admit that I was a bit embarrassed by the outpouring of love, though. I wanted to get my thoughts down and use the blog as a sounding board, but once my thoughts were out I felt like I did in those dreams as a kid where I went to school in my pajamas. I don't like attention, good or bad. I'm the proverbial wall flower. Thanks for accepting me even when I'm a mess.

I did something I haven't done for months: I did the animal chores this morning. Taking care of the animals is therapeutic for me. I think I'll do it every morning! :-)

My garden isn't growing well this year, thank heavens. I can't imagine being as busy as I am and have been and then the extra guilt of having produce go bad. I prayed over my garden this spring and ask the Lord to bless me with all of the produce I could care for. And He did.

I'm off to do laundry, homeschool, take care of my mother's mail and laundry. Thanks for being here for me. :-)



  1. Glad you are feeling better my friend.


  2. Ah, glad you are having a brighter day!! I should have prayed over my garden and asked God to give me produce! I didn't have that much and it made me sad!

    Take care!!

  3. I feel chagrin pretty easily, too.
    Pretty funny since I blog. :/


    I'm glad you've been sent lots of love and support.

  4. I am so glad that you are feeling a little sunshine on your face again! Happy homeschooling, we start 'officially' tomorrow...but then again homeschool is a year round affair! Kim

  5. Purple Calabash...that is what kind of tomatoes the dark ruffled ones are, I got them from Territorial Seed, Kim