Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday (also an update): Aug 6th

Tammy asked for an update the other day and I was kind of surprised. I feel like I'm whining sometimes and that you all just patiently wait for the whining to pass, but when she *asked* for an update, I felt warm and fuzzy inside to think that she cares about me and how I am.

So here is my update.

My mom is still in the hospital, though she is getting better. She knows where she is and her thinking doesn't seem to be fuzzy anymore. I don't know if her bowel has been checked by a CT past the week after Josh's wedding when they said that it looked the same as the week before when it was healing. I'm unsure if she is over the pneumonia, I'll have to check, but I do know that the new hospital that she got transferred to last week checks on her and gives her breathing treatments every few hours, which is something that the other hospital didn't do.

The new hospital is privately owned and is amazing! They strip and wax the floor in between patients, for heaven sake! Their care is sensational! This hospital is called a "specialty hospital" and specializes in the care of those who aren't acute enough to be in the hospital but who aren't quite ready to go home or to a skilled nursing facility. With skilled nursing facilities, you only have a limited number of days your insurance will pay, so the specialty hospital preserves those days until you are truly ready for them.

Josh and Karen are working and getting ready for the baby. Since they don't have insurance, they will be applying for Medicaid, which is really a pain! They are trying to get through the process, though. Karen is feeling better, though she has moments where she has morning sickness, though not as bad as she once did. She is starting to get a little baby bump, and we are all excited to see her grow! Josh has gotten another promotion, he works at a pizza place, and is hoping for assistant manager soon.

I am feeling much better since my exposure to the mold and sewer water. I am convinced it was/is the mold making me sick. The effects of the sewer water are more instant, the mold more long lasting. The bummer is that there is no "cure" for getting the mold out of your system. I think it just takes time.

I will be homeschooling my ex-husband's daughter this year. I am excited about this. Years ago, when he lived in our town and I still homeschooled Josh I also homeschooled M. Then they moved away, Josh dropped out and M would go to school here and there for a little while at a time, but nothing lasting. She doesn't have a mom in the house, and I've been wishing she could spend more time here. When we were getting ready for the wedding she told me that she thinks of me as a second mom and then a little while later asked if I could homeschool her. I prayed for a way for this to happen, so I'm so glad that the opportunity presented itself. Steve and I prayed about it, and she will be homeschooling with my kids this year. The only way it will work is if she boards with us for the school week, so I will be gaining an extra kid. I hope M's will enjoy homeschooling with us and that we can make a difference for good for her.

Other than that, I'm just trying to get organized: making schedules and chore charts, trying to get our house back in order since it was neglected during the wedding planning.

I'm so thankful that Josh and Karen are doing well and trying to make a good life for themselves. I'm thankful that my mom is doing so well and seems to be making a good recovery. I'm thankful that I seem to be getting better, myself. And I'm thankful for the opportunity to help M to grow into a lovely young woman.

Life is good! Thanks for asking, Tammy!


  1. What a wonderful Thankful list. I'm so glad your mother is getting such wonderful care.
    I'm excited about the time you will be able to spend with M and homeschool her. What an answer to prayer for you.

    Take care and I hope the mold exposure will start to work its way completely out of your system.
    Wish you could sit in a sauna and detox a little. It would probably help.


  2. I'm so glad to hear a report! Good luck with detoxing - that mold sounds like nasty stuff.
    And thanks to Tammy for requesting a report - we've all been waiting for one! It's great to hear things are going better!

  3. So glad to hear how everything is going. I've been worrying about you with the mold situation. Take time for yourself and slow down a bit if you can, ok? You've been through some HUGE things lately. It will take it's toll on you if you don't have enough ME time. ;)

  4. I'm glad tammy asked! Iwas starting to wonder how you were too :) I'm glad you are getting better from the whole mold thing. <3