Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today while the sun shines...

So today is the day! I'm finally going to go to a Tai Chi class that I've been wanting to go to for over a year! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

My mom was off of her CPAP yesterday, just using an oxygen canula. It is the first time in a week that she has been able to breathe well enough on her own. When I talked to the doc yesterday, he said that the diuretic wouldn't help too much because her kidneys are able to process out excess fluid anymore and that the fluid just has to be taken off during dialysis, BUT, she was able to breathe better yesterday, which tells me that the diuretic *is* helping a bit.

The doc didn't seem very sure she would ever go back to her own home. He is concerned about her pain in her spine and hips. Her spine is deteriorating, so the pain might be from that, and if so it won't ever heal, it'll just get worse. He is also concerned that in the next few months she will get weaker and weaker as her body loses more of its functioning. We'll see. I won't give up hope until *she* tells me that she won't be going home. Until then, they will be sending her to a skilled nursing facility/nursing home.

I'm trying to stay positive. Doctors don't always know everything. When Michael was in the hospital the doctors tried to prepare us for the worst, telling us the worst case scenario for his condition. He beat those odds, thank heavens, and perhaps my mom will too. Perhaps not, and I need to just trust God to make the best decision for her.

Well, I'm off to Tai Chi! Afterwards I need to call the social worker about helping write up my mom's wishes in her living will. And amid it all I need to care for my little ones (and not so little ones!).


  1. Sounds like great timing for the tai chai class!

  2. Sorry your class got canceled. Hope it works out to go later.
    I'll continue praying for your mother.


  3. I love tai chi. People laugh, but it is a great workout.