Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My First Kiss

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday for kids, isn't it? Scurrying around trying to find something green to wear so they don't get pinched. Some blatently wearing green so that none can mistake whether or not they are wearing it. Others wearing green socks or underwear so that when they mistakenly get pinched they can do it back...and usually harder.

I was always in the first category. My son is in the former. He has green on his underwear today and wanted to carry around a spray bottle to spray anyone who dared pinch him. And still others wear green just to feel festive. My mom is in that category. She loves an excuse to wear something cute and festive. She ♥'s holidays.

St. Patrick's Day was also the day I had my first "real" kiss. I'd been kissed by boys on the playground when we played kissing tag at recess, but those weren't real kisses, you know? I was 17. He was my second love. My first was just my "best friend". I had such a crush on him, but I'd state very clearly to all that he was just my best friend, so of course I'd never kissed him.

I still remember that first kiss. I remember exactly what led up to it, what I was wearing (and I still have the shirt I was wearing that day!). I have always been a romatic. I'm glad that it happened on a day easy to remember. I'm also glad he was a good kisser! ;-)

Kissing, to me, is so intimate and special that I don't pass out kisses easily. I've only kissed 3 guys, and I married two of them. I was so glad when I found that Steve (my sweet hubby) was a great kisser and that he liked to kiss. It has made my life wonderful, since kissing is one of my favorite things to do!

So, St. Patrick's Day has been forever etched into my mind as a reminder of my very first "real" kiss 22 years ago. It started my love for kissing that has just gotten sweeter through the years since I have found my first "true" love in Steve.

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