Monday, March 2, 2009

An Award

Tammy, at laugh,live,learn,love gave me the Tree of Happiness award. Thank you, Tammy!! This has made my day! I love getting awards! They make me feel warm & fuzzy inside, knowing that I have bloggy friends who like me and like to read my blog. :-)

It is a challenge to come up with a list of *only* 6 bloggers to pass this one on to, since I read so many great blogs!!

Here are six great bloggers that I love to read:

Joy at "Joy in the Burbs"

Joanne at "Rockin' on the Porch"

Randi at "i have to say"

Amber at "The nutrients of Life"

Carlie at "The Evans Express"

Becca at "The Great Mediocre" (Have you *seen* her new baby! Soooo sweet!)

Thank you ladies, for letting me read your wonderful blogs!


  1. You are so sweet to think of me. I'll be back to pick it up soon.
    You do spread much happiness.



  2. Oh wow, thank you thank you so much. How exciting. I am flattered.

    Thank you so much