Tuesday, March 24, 2009

God's Canvas

I'm not much for conversation today, so I'll just share some pics that I took the other evening.

I had really wanted to take a picture of the sun that evening. There was dust or something in the air that blocked out enough of the sun's rays to let me see the sun as a round object. Just a portion peeped out from behind the mountain as it set, and though I know your not supposed to look directly at the sun I couldn't help but look anyway. I've never seen the sun look like that before. Usually it is too bright to look at, but that evening it wasn't. It was crazy. Anyway, by the time I got my camera things changed and I couldn't capture it.

So I'll share these pics of the sky from that evening. Have fun finding pictures in the clouds and seeing the beauty of God's ever-changing canvas.

I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Isn't God the best Artist ever!!!
    Thanks for posting the pictures.


  2. Sometimes conversation isn't even necessary... Your photos are lovely.

  3. There is nothing better then when you go outside and see God's beautiful art work in the sky! I always try to remember to Thank Him for giving us such beauty to see.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!