Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting older is pain. Literally!

I had such high hopes and expectations for the day! Since buying my sewing machine on Saturday...Wait! Did I tell you that I bought a sewing machine on Saturday?! I don't think I did. Okay, so I'll back up.

On Saturday I went to a local Bernina store totally expecting to buy a Bernette 56 or 66. You know, nothing flashy, but that will get my sewing jobs done.

I had told my friend April I was in the market for a machine, and she steered me toward a Bernina for quality, and told me that trade-ins are a great way to go. So when I got to the store I asked if there were any trade-ins available. You see, sometimes schools will use the machines, trade them in, and up-grade. They had one in my price range, and it was $200 more than I'd planned on spending, but the quality made it a steal. It was an activa 135. (There isn't one that I can show you on their website, but this one is very sililar. The only real difference I can see is the 210 has an automatic threader and mine doesn't) I learned that the biggest difference between a Bernette, like I'd planned on buying, and a Bernina machine is the motor...ok, some cute stitches too, but the motor is what makes it amazing.

The Bernette, come to find out, is not classified as a Bernina motor, which is one of the best on the market. The Bernette is the equivalent of a sewing machine in a "mart" store. The Bernina motor, on the other hand, will allow you to sew right over a hugo seam, like when hemming jeans, without missing a stitch. AND! I've tried it on my 9 patch blocks for Josh's quilt, and it is AMAZING! I couldn't be happier.

So anyway, I had big goals for today! I wanted to cut out some squares and sew a few nine patches. I wanted to get outside and rake my front lawn and make it look pretty. I wanted to spend some time in the flower garden and take out the yucky brown stuff so that the green shoots look beautiful as they grow.

....But as I was leaning over the kitchen table cutting out some squares for about 20 minutes, I had a horrible spasm of pain in my lower back. It has tied the left side of my lower back in knots. ARGH! So I quit cutting out the squares because I couldn't lean over any more and I started putting them together into blocks. I *did* get 4 nine-patches finished, so that is progress. But playing in the dirt will have to wait for another day. :-( Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow and the weather will still be just as beautiful as today.

Too bad there isn't another sequel in the Twilight series and I could be happy to stay inside today! ;-) I need to find some more great books to read...any suggestions?

Have a great day, and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. Yes it is a literal pain, lol. I hope you get feeling better soon.

    I like the new look on the blog, by the way. :)

  2. Book suggestions? Oh, yes. Ohhhh, yes!

    I totally recommend the Fablehaven series. Fun, fast, and so, so addictive. There are three books so far and #4 is coming out on March 24th! I am SO stoked!

    Plus, he's an LDS author and the books are squeaky clean. Clean and bestselling - you can't say no to that. :)

  3. Becca, I'll have to take a look! Thanks! :-)

  4. felicitations on getting a bernina! I love mine and I have been using and abusing it for 12 years! I am so happy for all the nice sewing days you will be having.

    Sorry about your back. that happens to me when I spend a whole day cutting and sewing as well, although it helped when I got a chair the right height...