Friday, March 20, 2009

It's finally Friday!

I'm loving the spring feeling in the air! The willow trees are starting to sprout green leaves. Robins have returned. The ground is just the right dryness for planting. The temperature is just right for thin long sleeves or short sleeves. Ahhhhhh!

So what are your plans for this weekend?

We are making plans to replace our fence that blew down in that bad windstorm a few weeks ago. We are thinking of going with a wooden fence with metal posts. We live on a busy road, so it will cut down on street noise and give privacy.

I am working on the plans for a chicken house and run in my mind. I am thinking along the lines of maximum security by enclosing the whole thing, so that my chickens will never escape! Think Alcatraz for chickens and that is what I'm working on. It will also make finding the eggs easier!

And Steve has agreed to get all of the papers ready to do the taxes. What a job! I *hate* tax time! I have better things to do, like clean toilets & windows, scoop the dog poop from my yard, and keep my kids on track with homework. And out of all of those dreaded tasks, I'd rather do them *all day long* than do taxes!

So those plans and preparations will keep us busy through the weekend. Having a less-than-one-percent-fun mom is a drag for my kids! But maybe Steve will think of something fun to do after the work is finished. They can always hope!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, whether it is productive or fun...whichever is best for you!


  1. Thank heavens Friday finally got here. Thank heavens... lol

  2. I've got to get organized. I've got an appt. with the tax guy on Tuesday.
    Thanks for reminding me.


  3. Oh how I dread tax time, too! I still need to do my taxes. Pray for me!! lol


  4. I love the new pictures on your header. The chicks are precious.

  5. Taxes-Done!! Fresh Eggs-I can only dream!!!

    I'm cleaning house. It's spring break and Monday hubby & I are going on a mini vacation. Funny thing is we still do not know where we are going!!

  6. Our willows are blooming here too! I just love to see them turn green!