Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm So Blue!

So I took the Hartman Personality Profile A.K.A. "The Color Code Quiz" and found that I am about 58% blue, 29% red, 11% white, and .02% yellow.

This is a breakdown of the colors from my greatest to least. The info comes from The Hartman Personality Test's website:

(58%) BLUE (Motive: INTIMACY)—These are the do-gooders. Intimacy, connecting, creating quality relationships and having purpose is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of quality and service and are generally loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.

(29%) RED (Motive: POWER)—These are the power wielders. Power, the ability to move from point A to point B, and get things done is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership and generally are responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive.

(11%) WHITE (Motive: PEACE)—These are the peacekeepers. Peace, or the absence of conflict, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of clarity and tolerance and are generally kind, adaptable, good-listeners.

(.02%) YELLOW (Motive: Fun)—These are the fun lovers. Fun, or the joy of doing something just for the sake of doing it, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of enthusiasm and optimism and are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable.

With scoring only .02% yellow it is official: I really *am* the un-fun parent!

Blues are emotional...Is that why I didn't find Bella's depression to be too much in the book?

It is interesting, because as I read about the qualities and limitations of each, it seems that many of my blue qualities cancel out a lot of the negative red limitations and visa versa.

The quiz was in the book I tried to borrow from my Italian friend. Since one of her kids misplaced it, Steve picked up a copy for me at the library yesterday. I'm having everyone in our family anwer the questions. I really do like personality tests. I think they're interesting.

If you are interested in taking the free online quiz and finding out just your dominant color, you can visit the website. And to get the full results, you can ether pay the money on the website or borrow the book from your library. The book is titled, The Color Code by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D.

If you take the test, I'd love it if you'd let me know what color you are!


  1. I though you were gonna have a post about you being all depressed about something.

    Hmmm I might have to do this to see what color I am.

  2. Me too! This part describes me to a T.

    blues have distinct preferences and have the most controlling personality. Their personal code of ethics is remarkably strong and they expect others to live honest, committed lives as well. They enjoy sharing meaningful moments in conversation as well as paying close attention to special life events (e.g. birthdays and anniversaries). blues are dependable, thoughtful, and analytical; but can also be self-righteous, worry-prone, and moody. They are "sainted pit-bulls" who never let go of something or someone once they are committed. When you deal with a BLUE, be sincere and make a genuine effort to understand and appreciate them.

  3. I'll go check out the quiz. I took one not too long back and came back "brown"....How boring. Maybe I'll be more colorful with this quiz.


  4. I love that book! I own it, and enjoyed finding out what color I am...lots of yellow with some red and blue. Not a speck of white:)