Monday, February 23, 2009

The Weekend

Our weekend started with this:

Jared made breakfast for all, arranging it to be as delicious to our eyes as it was to our taste buds.

We had Karen's birthday dinner on Sunday evening. Here are some of the pics. Some turned out fuzzy, but I like the way they look anyway.

lighting the candles

make a wish

The Birthday Girl

group shot

clean dishes

Other happenings of the weekend:

I read a lot in Twilight and can see why Bella likes Edward so much. He is just the right combination between dangerous and wonderful, isn't he? ...I would totally freak out if my daughter was dating him though!

Visited my favorite library and borrowed some lovely picture books to be shared by all, and a Junie B. Jones...mostly for me. I love that girl!

Went to an early dinner with Steve at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

There was a frustration with a neighbor, which soured yesterday. I won't mention much about it to spoil the post, but I truly wonder when these particular neighbors will be satisfied...if ever.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you have a magnificent Monday!


  1. Sorry about the neighbor problems. I agree that keeping the neighbor's animals out should be my responsibility.

  2. The breakfast looks really pretty!

    I'm sorry to hear you are having more problems with your neighbors... I wish they were kinder people. We really don't have any problems with our neighbors, but then we really don't know any of them and we've lived in this house 10 years!

    Also, I got a real laugh out of your purse meme. I'm planning on playing, but it might be a couple of days yet. :)