Friday, February 20, 2009

My Purse

Betty at "Keeper of the Skies Wife" tagged me with a purse tag. Here are the rules of the tag:

1) Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying at this moment. No going up to your closet to pull out that cute one you use for special occasions. I want to see what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

2)I want to know how much it cost. This is not to judge. It is purely for entertainment. So spill it. If there is a story that goes along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it!

3)Tag some peeps then link back here so people know why the heck you're showing all your bag business!

I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to be tagged now instead of like a year ago or so! I have started carrying less. Whew! It would have taken all day to tell you what I had. What can I say? I raise boy scouts! ;-)

So here is my purse:

I found it at a thrift store last fall for $2! I was thrilled!

And here is the contents:

The manilla envelope is a package that my mom asked me to mail for her. I need to put that on my "to do" list and finally get it mailed!

The three note books each have a separate purpose. The light blue one is a day planner for 2009. The navy blue is my notebook for the music for church. I am the music person/choir director. (Don't be impressed. I think I was just asked to do the job since my name is Melody. ;-) I also write in it as a journal. The cream colored one is a notebook Gracie Lou's gave me when I bought some material from them. It is supposed to be a weekly menu & grocery list, but I don't always use it for that.

The loose papers are a receipt for groceries I bought yesterday and a deposit slip, also from yesterday.

The cute wallet was a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband. It is a Dave Ramsey designer envelope system. It lets me have the much needed envelopes for using cash, room for a book of checks and a register, and a place to hold DEBIT cards and ID. Those who know Dave Ramsey will understand why I stressed DEBIT. :-)

Keys, keys, and more keys on a key ring. My cell phone. A brush. A shoe horn to help me get Michael's shoe on over his brace (he has CP).

And the little blue pouch with a zipper is an accessory from my last purse. Inside are the little things: a box of tic tacs, a small package of tissues, a small glasses' screwdriver, a baggie with some change and a couple dollar bills (not sure which kid put the baggie in my purse though...), and a couple of Tahitian Noni chews my mom gave to me the other day.

I tag:
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And I'll be watching for yours Joy! I saw that Betty already tagged you at the same time she tagged me.

Have fun ladies! I look forward to seeing your goodies!


  1. That purse is adorable. I love the pink and black.

    I'll do my post next week.
    I like that you are the choir director based on your name. How funny. I'm sure you are wonderful at it.
    Have a great weekend,


  2. YAY! $2 that's my kind of deal!

    Thanks for playing along!

  3. How fun! I carry the very same calendar, it's just so perfect. I think I need a bigger bag, though!

    xo, Amanda @ /