Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good news!

My very good "real life" friend's husband found a job!!! Hurray for Maren and TGH! Congratulations you two! I am soooo happy for you!

I didn't realize how much I am affected by the lives of my friends, but I am so relieved for them. The storm clouds in my soul have lifted!

Earlier today I did a "25 Things I Love Meme" and was ask a question by Joy, so here is what I'm going to do. If you have a question regarding the 25 Thing Meme or anything else about me (but what don't you know?!) write it in the comments and tomorrow I will answer all of your questions when I post, okie dokie?

I'm off to join Maren in the TGH-has-a-job-dance as I make dinner!

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