Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Does life ever get you down? Something that normally wouldn't bother you too much feels like it is the last straw?

Ever wish you could be a turtle and pull your head into your shell for a while? Or be like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand?

What do you do when you feel that way?

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  1. ROFLOL! Ok, that photo is too funny. I felt that way the other day. :)

    still giggling.....

  2. Yep. I go into my closet and shout (or I go cry somewhere for two or three minutes). Then I go to work (and do relaxation). No time to be depressed, and I really hate being depressed anyway. I won't go back to that vicious cycle again if I have to move heaven and earth to stay sane. I'm afraid I"m the type to keep my eyes wide open. If I close my eyes, something worse will hit me and I won't be ready for it...

  3. I take a hot bath and read a romance novel. Talk about therapy!