Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Tidbits from the Weak Week

Okay, so nobody else liked the tag. Not one of the interesting people I tagged went on to tell 7 random things about themselves. Not that I'm pointing fingers, mind you. No, no, I don't mind that you didn't play along. Don't mind me & my teardrop, just keep reading. ;-)

This week has been busy, busy, busy. I went to the kidney doctor and the gastroenterologist (sp?? AKA "stomach doc").

I told the stomach doc I didn't like his medicine. He took the news fairly well; he just told me I'd never get better. Okay, maybe he didn't tell me that *exactly*, but he insinuated it. And I didn't exactly tell him I didn't like his medicine, but he read between the lines. And we came up with a compromise: I don't take his medicine and try to eat less, not eat after 6 p.m., eat only things that don't make my stomach hurt, and then he'll do another scope and see if my way works. If not, I'll start on the medicine. This is where all of you come in: pray for me, okay? I don't like the medicine. I'm kind of an anti-medication type of gal. Thanks in advance.

And next, the kidney doctor told me that because of my blood work-up, he really doesn't think anything is wrong with my kidneys. He told me that he wonders if the tech who did the ultrasound was just looking a little too hard. However, because of the findings, I am having a CT scan of my kidneys on Monday. He told me that many people have cysts in their kidneys, but the type that I have can indicate cancer. SOOO I am choosing to believe that the ultrasound tech was just too cautious, and really I am in perfect health. But, I sure won't turn down any prayers and positive thinking on my behalf!

I finally had Amber's family birthday party. Okay, so I am a month behind, so what? I just extended her fun for a while! Amber is currently in line at some movie theatre to watch Twilight with some of her friends. I let her out of school early to go watch it because I am a push-over keeping perspective. She is a good girl who works hard in school, does what she is supposed to do, and gets A's & B's. And I told her it was for her birthday, which means that at no other time during the year will she think that I'll let her do such a hair-brained thing again as standing in a line for 3 hours to go to a movie she already has tickets for! Perhaps it is genetic though, because every time a new Harry Potter book came out you could find me in a very long line at Walmart several hours before midnight. "Hair-brained" must run in the family.

I'd really love to tell what projects I making, but since they are for Christmas and would be seen by the recipients, let it suffice that they will be cute!

This week I have been making a real effort to take my kids to the park. Our weather is unseasonably warm, and I am LOVING IT! So three times this week, the kids and I drove to the park to meet some friends and enjoy the weather, conversation, and play! It is wonderful to feel the warm sun during the last days of November!

And last night April and I went out and took a shopping trip. It was great to get away from responsibility for a couple of hours! (Thanks for going with me April!) I enjoyed the entire trip immensely!

That is my week. At least the Reader's Digest condensed version. It wasn't terribly exciting, but it was a great week!

This weekend Steve & I will be celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary. I'm so glad that he is my husband and best friend. He is perfect for me.

Have a great weekend!

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