Sunday, November 30, 2008


I thought changing the template a bit would be a simple thing...two hours later I know differently!

My husband, the computer programmer by trade, showed me how "easily" I could change the code for the template. Easy to change the code, yes, but very difficult to choose the background! Too white. Too busy. Too grey. Ooohh! That one alone looks nice...terrible with the rest of the blog. But finally I've settled on the decorated Christmas tree background. You know, I think my favorite part of Christmas really *is* the Christmas tree, so I guess it's appropriate.

I'll have to take the tree down in January, but for now, we can just enjoy it.


  1. I do like a nice tree. And it can be very hard to decide on a background. I think my current one is too busy, but my son loves it. He considers it his blog too.