Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Christmas Cookies" sung by Jeremiah the Bullfrog

Emily (my pre-teen daughter) drew this bullfrog on MS Paint yesterday. As she was playing around with it she found that she could make it look like it was singing, so the frog then began singing the songs on my playlist that she was listening too.

So Ladies and Gentleman, without further ado, I present Jeremiah, the singing bullfrog. (Be sure and pause my playlist so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!)


  1. Too cute! I love all of the giggling in the background :)

  2. April took my words exactly!! I was laughing from all the giggles in the background!!

    Was that Michael who laughed and sang a little?

    This was fun!!!

  3. That is really cute...but my favorite part was how much fun she was having. I loved hear her laugh!

  4. Betty, it was actually Matt who was singing, Emily with the higher pitch giggles and Michael with the lower pitch giggles.

    The whole family was really seeing Emily's creation for the first time. Her creativity is truly amazing.