Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doll Quilt and Tales of Woe

I finished the top of the quilt! Isn't it cute? I love the subtle pattern. Now I just have to tie it and put the binding on.

Michael seems to like it, too. I had it setting on the bed looking at it and he climbed up on the bed, and even though there was a whole lot more bed around the patchwork top, he proceeded to sit himself atop the doll quilt. He knows what he likes! Why, in church he has to position himself directly below the light fixture. If he isn't directly underneath he gets frustrated and moves until he is. I guess he just likes what he likes. I'm always glad when he can have what he likes. He also wants to go swimming. Every day, a hundred times a day, he tells me he wants to go swimming. But I can't give that to him. He'd freeze. So I have to say no. All day long. And I hate it. So YES! Michael, you can sit on the quilt and directly under light fixtures as much as you please!

Last night I made my mini-meatloaf in muffin tins (because I hadn't decided earlier what to make for dinner) and as I was serving them up one flipped out of the pan and landed behind the stove. Horror! So, I drug out the stove, and my little cabinet, and the fridge and scrubbed underneath and behind everything. For those of you who hate to clean behind the fridge and stove too, you'll understand my abhorrence. I hate the sticky stuff, the dust bunnies, and the feeling that if you touch this repulsive "stuff" your fingers will probably get sores and fall off, sooner than later. I only clean behind there in the spring and fall, so I've needed to do it but have been putting it off. BUT IT IS DONE! Hurray for it being done and I don't have to do it again for six months!

I hope that today you can have some simple pleasures in life, like sitting under a light fixture if you'd like, or having house elves clean under your stove for you!


  1. Michael cracks me up...I feel for you having to say NO to the swimming all day.

    The quilt is looking SO good...I think I might start a scrap quilt.

    I, too, hate to clean behind the stove & fridge. I only do it twice a year as well.

  2. Now imagine that feeling but cleaning someone else's filth! That is what we've been doing for days. I feel so dirty.